Deep South Pops offers a selection of 10 craft beers. A good number are made in Mississippi and include brands like Mississippi Brewing, Lazy Magnolia, and Southern Prohibition. Deep South Pops makes a full coffee menu using ingredients from the Mississippi Coffee Company. As for the gelato ice cream, Deep South Pops obtains its ingredients from the Sweet Magnolia Ice Cream Company in Clarksdale.

One of the things that people loved about Deep South was that it was a dog-friendly restaurant, something that is not too common among restaurants. Dog owners could go to one of the two outdoor tables and have a meal while their pet lounges underfoot.

At Deep South Pops’ height, there were 2 full-time employees and 10 part-time employees. Jake and Kristy have loved every minute since opening the joint and have never had a “what have we done” moment. Although Jake came from a corporate world, he loved it at Deep South Pops and liked to speak while he was there.

How has Deep South Pops Performed? One may ask. The establishment has done fairly well since 2015. But as with any endeavor, there have been a couple of challenges along the way. One of these challenges was in meeting the demand. When Jake and Kristy opened Deep South Pops in 2015, they underestimated the demand. They initially projected the demand to be 150 popsicles a day. However, this number quickly grew to 350, then 550 and 1900 as the business grew. Stepping up to this challenge has been one of the most rewarding experiences of the business venture.

Close to the end of 2019, Deep South Pops, Jackson’s home for coffee and gourmet popsicles, announced on their Facebook page that they would be closing. The post expressed that the owners were sad to say goodbye, but had chosen a new path owing to the needs of their growing family. The owners also expressed gratitude for the memories, love, and support from family, friends, and extended Jackson community. The shop, which had been open for about four and a half years, remained open until the end of November 2019.

Since 2015, Deep South Pops has been the to-go place in Jackson for a dessert treat and to get gifts for friends. The establishment was not your average popsicle store. Many people were impressed that a popsicle could taste so good during their first visit to Deep South Pops. Another attractive feature about Deep South Pops, was that although it wasn’t exclusively a coffee shop, they made a pretty good cup of coffee. The well made coffee and popsicles made for some of the best coffee-popsicle combinations you’ve ever had. Like finding someone with a perfect credit score, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything even remotely close to Deep South Pops in Jackson. To think that all this was inspired by The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is mindblowing. The story of Deep South Pops provides great insight — inspiration exists everywhere, but can only be found by those who seek it. Once you find inspiration and act on it great things follow.